Ten Thousand Commandments 2016

  I have written several posts recently, here and here, about the need for faster economic growth in the U.S. and how to achieve it. Part of the problem is the huge size of the federal bureaucracy and the enormous and … Continue reading

The Need for Regulatory Reform

  One of my favorite topics is the need for faster economic growth in order to create more jobs and better paying jobs and also to bring in more tax revenue to help shrink our rapidly accumulating national debt. My … Continue reading

The Economy Is Improving But Not Enough

  It has been widely reported that medium household incomes were up 5.2% to $56,500 in 2015.  Furthermore the lower income quintiles have gained the most.  This is very good news. But this new peak is below the previous peak of … Continue reading

Why Is the U.S. Economy Growing So Slowly?

  The U.S. economy has only been growing at the rate of 2.1% since the end of the Great Recession in June 2009, almost seven years ago. Such a slow rate of growth means millions of unemployed and underemployed workers … Continue reading