Americans Are Too Gloomy about the Future III. The Partisan Divide

One of the themes recently on this blog is that Americans are too gloomy about the future. Yes, we have problems. Inflation is making daily life more expensive.  Political polarization is rampant.  Global warming is real.  China and Russia are trying to gang up on us.  But things are much better than they seem.

I consider myself fortunate to be an American because this is such a great country to live in.
I am amazed by the partisan breakdown of people who agree with me.  Consider:

  • Most Republicans, 91%, think that America is the greatest country in the world, while only 61% of Democrats agree. See the chart below.

  • Furthermore, 85% of Republicans think that if people work hard, they are likely to get ahead, while only 53% of Democrats agree. See the chart below.

  • Far more Democrats than Republicans think that the U.S. is worst or near the bottom in such issues as income inequality, acceptance of migrants and refugees, minority rights, religious tolerance, and LGBTQ rights. See the chart below.

  • These issues which exhibit such a partisan divide are as much cultural as economic in nature. Wokeness refers to the left-wing cultural program which represents the tastes and worldview of an insular class of white progressive elites, who sit to the left of non-white Democrats on social issues such as white supremacy, systemic racism, LGBTQ rights, and self-responsibility.

Conclusion.   It is remarkable how our two political parties differ with respect to the quality of life in America and the role and stature of America in the world.  Republicans are much more optimistic about our country than are Democrats.  Of course, we should all try to be realistic about our problems and how to solve them.  But I would rather have optimists than pessimists in positions of responsibility.

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1 thought on “Americans Are Too Gloomy about the Future III. The Partisan Divide

  1. You chart the “Gloomy Left” above. Why not chart the “Fascist Right” also to show an accurate picture of this country.Before the current “Repugnantcan Party” took control of the once honorable Republican Party there was both bipartisan and bicameral attitude on the direction of this country. As far as I’m concerned, the current direction and beliefs of the Repugnantcan Party fit with the the Nazi party of the 1930’s and the Ku Klux Klan of the past and current attitudes and actions.

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