Why Democracy Beats Autocracy

I am very optimistic about the future of the United States.  Of course, we have serious problems to address such as recovery from the pandemic, global warming, poverty, inflation, and massive national debt.  I address all of these problems in much detail on this blog.

The main reason for my optimism for the future is that we have so many underlying strengths.  We are the strongest country in the world, both economically and militarily.  But, in addition, and perhaps most important of all, we are a free people with a superb democratic form of government which makes us the envy of the rest of the world.

We do have adversaries, of course, especially China, Russia, and Iran.  But note that all three of our main adversaries are autocracies that are struggling mightily with their own problems.  Consider:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China in late 2019.  China has attempted to address the pandemic with a strict nationwide lockdown zero-Covid policy, whereas the rest of the world has now essentially achieved herd immunity with a combination of widespread vaccination and locally imposed lockdowns and mask mandates.  This zero-Covid policy is causing severe economic disruption in China.  An even bigger problem for China, though, is that when it does eventually open back up to the world, the coronavirus is inevitably going to infiltrate back in and infect the mostly unprotected (unvaccinated) Chinese people.  This will likely become a devastating national emergency for China when it happens.
  • Vladimir Putin’s disastrous decision to invade Ukraine has, first-of-all, turned Russia into an international pariah.  It is also going to lead eventually to great economic harm as the western-imposed financial and technology sanctions take stronger and stronger hold.  Russia badly needs a new political and economic system that works for its people.  Until such reform becomes possible, Russia will continue to deteriorate.
  • Massive protests have broken out since the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman for violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code.  More than 300 people have been killed in the protests so far.  Hopefully, this will eventually lead to major reforms for the quality of life of the Iranian people.

Conclusion.   As we address our own serious problems and continue to improve the quality of life for all Americans, we should never doubt that our free economy and democratic form of government will continue to thrive.  Our autocratic adversaries have much bigger problems than we do.  We cannot afford to become complacent but we should be confident about our ability to prevail over our autocratic rivals.

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3 thoughts on “Why Democracy Beats Autocracy

  1. Donald Trump is a drag on democracy in our country. First he tried mightedly and sometimes illegally to overthrow a very well validated election and now he isw saying that at least some provisions of our Constitution should be “terminated” because of his FALSE claim that his last election was stolen.

    • As is certainly true, Trump is a drag on The Republican Party, but even worse, he is an enemy of democracy and the validity of the Constitution. America can stand proudly when Trump is vanquished by the people from any postiion of power.

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