The Only Way America Can Be Great Is To Provide Leadership


Like many other people I am upset that President Trump has decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.  It’s not that Paris solves the global warming problem but it is a major step in the right direction.  We’re the biggest contributor of carbon emissions  so it is our responsibility to lead in reducing them.

Here are some other major issues that need leadership:

  • Trade. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would have been a big win for the U.S.  But it is with China, responsible for two-thirds of our trade deficit, that we need a major rebalance.
  • NATO. Mr. Trump has withdrawn his campaign statement that NATO is “obsolete.” His criticism of NATO could turn out to be useful if it leads to an increase in NATO defense spending.

  • Faster Economic Growth. Economic strength is the backbone of our influence in world affairs. Lower corporate tax rates will encourage our multinational companies to bring their profits back home for reinvestment in the U.S. Administration efforts already under way to deregulate various aspects of the U.S. economy should soon lead to faster growth.
  • U.S. Budget. Mr. Trump has proposed to balance the U.S. budget within ten years which is hugely important. Unfortunately many of his specific proposals on spending and growth are not realistic.
  • Infrastructure Spending. This is an excellent idea if it is paid for directly and does not add to the federal deficit. Apparently Mr. Trump will soon announce a plan for private industry, cities and states to take the lead in new infrastructure spending with possible contributions from the federal government.

Conclusion. Although Paris is a disappointment, Mr. Trump will have many opportunities to redeem himself.

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2 thoughts on “The Only Way America Can Be Great Is To Provide Leadership

  1. Jack:

    I am receiving your posts “It Does Not Add Up” since 2015, after I heard you at a Lions event in Omaha. I had been at Westside High School as an exchange student in 1964/65. In 2015 we had our 50 years class reunion.

    Though I do not always agree with you it is refreshing to read your comments based on both common sense and some scientific capacity as background. You are mathematician, I am a physicist.

    Yes, balancing the budget is of utmost importance, but there are other topics which need to be addressed at the same time, with a similar degree of importance.

    As for leadership I would go along, someone needs to provide leadership to the free world. Who else if not America?

    But wouldn’t you agree that DJT does not have the intellectual capacity as a leader, not to mention his rudeness and the scandals?

    My wife and I are in Russia right now, my wife is Russian, we are visiting relatives. I can see here every day how dictatorship is beginning to grow. Many people here do agree on this, after you know them somewhat better, although they would not speak about it in public, because they are afraid!

    Therefore, the only way America can be great again is to provide leadership to the free world, and for providing leadership someone else will be necessary in the White House, the sooner the better. To truckle with dictators in Russia, in the Philipines, in Saudi Arabia, and more, is not indicated. In particular if the reason for this is to promote DJT’s businesses.

    Best regards, Peter Matschke

    • I completely agree with you. Only the U.S. can lead the free world. If we abdicate leadership then it won’t happen and the free world will decline.
      Trump is a huge embarrassment in many respects. He was elected by blue-collar workers. The best way he can help them is by speeding up economic growth, not by restricting trade or immigration.
      Yes, there are other urgent problems besides massive debt (such as global warming!) but if we don’t start shrinking our debt, then we’ll go bankrupt regardless of what else we do. This is why I consider debt as our #1 problem.

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