National Debt and the Cost of Healthcare Go Hand in Hand


My last two posts, here and here, point out that:

  • The cost of employer-provided healthcare is going through the roof, now averaging $26,944 for a family of four
  • Medicare beneficiaries are now spending 44% of their average Social Security income on healthcare spending.

Yesterday we learned that three corporate behemoths: Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase will form an independent healthcare company to try to hold down healthcare costs for their combined one million employees in the U.S.

And last night, President Donald Trump, in his generally well-received State of the Union Address, failed to mention our nation’s biggest problem by far: our surging national debt.
And moreover, it is precisely the public cost of healthcare which is driving our debt.
Our country could soon be overwhelmed by a trifecta of huge costs:

  • The cost of healthcare for individual company employees and also for retirees.
  • The cost of healthcare subsidies paid by the federal government.
  • Our rapidly growing and badly out-of-control national debt.

Conclusion. Is it not exceedingly clear that our two polarized political parties must stop spending their time bickering about less important problems and come together to address our huge debt problem and the very high cost of healthcare which is driving it?

3 thoughts on “National Debt and the Cost of Healthcare Go Hand in Hand

  1. Agree very much, and greatly encouraged by the possibilities of those 3. Removing the middle man from the healthcare system should greatly lower the cost. Also believe immigration reform will help reduce healthcare costs.

  2. Ed Joseph Steve Martin Both of you are correct. I worked for the railroad which is self insured. They say according to their figures it cost them less than $20,000 per employee and their family. As a retire the railroad provide us insurance. They pay for the major medical and we buy the supplement. Both polices have a $100 deductible. Between the 2 of these polices it pays around 97% of the bill. It is great insurance.

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