What Is Wrong with the Democrats?

In spite of President Trump’s post impeachment surge in popularity to 49% (Gallup Poll), he is still vulnerable for re-election.  “Millions of Americans like the results of Mr. Trump’s policies but not his divisive brand of politics and personal behavior.”

And yet the top Democratic candidate is a “socialist who wants the government to control energy production and health care, who wants nationwide rent control, and who calls America a racist society from top to bottom.”


Consider the intellectual currents Bernie Sanders is riding:

  • The attack on capitalism and markets. The left blames the market for the 2008 panic and crash rather than failed government regulation, subsidies for bad housing risks and loose monetary policy.
  • Inequality replacing growth as the top economic policy concern. Don’t Democrats realize that a 3.5% unemployment rate is far more beneficial to workers than demonization of billionaires and equating business success with corruption?
  • The critique of America as irredeemably racist. After police shootings in 2014 and 2015, Black Lives Matter erupted and demanded that politicians bow to its concerns, neglecting 50 years of racial progress and the huge reduction in crime which has saved thousands of black lives.  For example, 200,000 African-Americans have been able to move out of Chicago in the last two decades alone to seek a better life.


  • Climate change as religion, not science. Yes, global warming is real and serious, but the alarmists have greatly overstated the problem.  All over the country Americans are implementing practical ways of increasing the use of renewable energy and cutting back on carbon emissions.  The last thing we need is a Green New Deal to strangle the American economy.

Conclusion.  Americans “are looking for an alternative who doesn’t scare them.  The agony of the Democrats is that years of bowing to the left means they may nominate someone who makes Mr. Trump look like the safer choice.”

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4 thoughts on “What Is Wrong with the Democrats?

  1. Trump looks better and better as far-left Democratic candidates implode and fade away. A more business friendly candidate, Bloomberg, has insulted farmers, blacks, women and old people. He seems to be imploding.

  2. It makes me happy to think that voters might consider Trump to be the safer choice. I certainly think that he is at least that–but I don’t think that’s why he’s going to win again. He’s going to win again because it’s clear that he cares about ordinary Americans and the issues that matter to us.

    All of those candidates on the Left really dislike and despise us. They can hardly stand to look at us–and it shows in their body language as well as the way they all talk down to us.

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