The Progressive Left’s Assault on Common Sense

The progressive Democratic steamroller sweeping through Congress is only the tip of the iceberg.  Take a look more widely to see what is happening all around the country:

  • The $1.9 trillion Covid Relief Stimulus Bill, now signed into law by President Biden, will overstimulate a rapidly recovering U.S. economy and risks tripping off a new round of inflation. This debt-financed spending blowout will speed up the onset of our next fiscal crisis. Do progressives really think that the effects of excessive debt can be postponed forever?
  • Save Democracy. Kill the Filibuster?   Don’t Democrats realize that once they end the Senate Filibuster (which requires a bipartisan 60 votes to pass most legislation), it’s gone forever.   Are Democrats willing to be completely shut out the next time that Republicans have a Senate majority?
  • More Children Cross Border Illegally.  The surge of unaccompanied minors now crossing the southern border has been caused by President Biden’s proposal to create a path to citizenship for all of the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S., without an accompanying plan for strict border control.  Potential immigrants hear the message very clearly: get your families into the U.S. as soon as possible.
  • Rising Rate of Violent Crime Shakes Atlanta.   Murders and aggravated assaults are way up in Atlanta and other big cities over the past year.  It occurred while “we were dealing with increased hostility toward law enforcement and a decreased sense of trust towards police,” says an APD spokesman.  Defund the police?  Really?
  • Gender identity part of proposed Nebraska school curriculum.  Left-wing progressivism has even reached deep-red Nebraska, where I live.  Proposed health education standards would teach gender identity to first graders and sexual orientations such as “heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual and pansexual” to sixth-graders.  Such extreme curricular suggestions will, of course, be shot down by concerned citizens and parents, but how did they ever see the light of day in the first place?

Conclusion.  The progressive left, with President Biden as its mouthpiece, is vastly overplaying its narrow victory in the 2020 national election.  It’s headed for a big fall, most likely in the November 2022 elections.  The American public has too much common sense to overlook what is going on all around the country, as well as in Washington DC.

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4 thoughts on “The Progressive Left’s Assault on Common Sense

  1. In the meantime, I am resolutely pessimistic that the current “Office of the President” will initiate irreparable structural harm! Hopefully, the Governor of New York and his cronies will consummate enough political capital to convert the yellow brick road into a Los Angeles beltway-sized marshland that is 3 feet deep.

      • * Statehood for the DIstrict of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and/or California Sub-division
        * Enlarging the Supreme Court
        * Nationalized Healthcare
        * Eventual inflation from excessive Federal spending
        * Foreign view of indecisive OTP
        * Lack of awareness that declining social cohesion drives our nation’s stagnant longevity at birth (10 years) and worsening maternal mortality incidence (40 years)

  2. OTP is certainly highly indecisive, except for adopting the progressive agenda. Actually, Puerto Rico deserves to become a state but not DC. Social cohesion is a victim of polarization.

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