The Biden Presidency is already Turning into a Disaster

The United States is in very good shape overall with the world’s strongest economy and largest military.  We have the oldest democracy in the world, still thriving 230+ years after its founding.  We enjoy a robust private enterprise environment with myriad opportunities for individuals to succeed by virtue of their own initiative and willingness to work.

This has mostly been achieved independently of the quality of our political leadership.  We have had a smattering of outstanding presidents during our long history but also a large number of poor ones. (Not to mention any names!)  Our success as a nation is based primarily on the soundness of our underlying institutions, regardless of the quality of any particular president.

Regrettably, nevertheless, our current President, Joe Biden, is making lots of mistakes.  America will most likely continue to thrive regardless, but still, bad policy decisions at the top do slow down our historically steady progress.  Consider the following series of bad decisions by President Biden:

  • Overstimulation of the economy thereby risking an inflationary spiral. Already this year, Congress has passed a $1.9 trillion America Rescue Plan.  The Senate just passed a $1.1 trillion Infrastructure Bill and Congress is poised to pass a $3.5 trillion expansion to the social safety net.  Of course, these measures will greatly increase the national debt, already swollen to $28 trillion.  But even more immediately dangerous is the likelihood of an inflationary spiral careening out of control.  Annual rates of increase for the last four months (April through July) are 4.2%, 5%, 5.4% and 5.4%.

  • Speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Taliban is rapidly capturing provincial capitals in Afghanistan and is threatening the national capital Kabul.  American credibility is already sustaining a blow.  Just keeping a small residual force of U.S. troops would have been enough to keep the Taliban at bay indefinitely.

  • Open southern border. Almost 200,000 arrests of illegal immigrants were made at the southern border in July alone. Most of these migrants are being released “temporarily” into the U.S.  This surge in border crossings has been caused by the Biden Administration’s unwillingness to crack down on illegal entry into the U.S.

  • Extension of the eviction ban. The Biden administration wants to further extend the rental eviction ban even though the economy is booming and employers are desperate to find workers.  Many small landlords are suffering financial harm in the meantime.  It is past time to end this emergency measure.

Conclusion.  President Biden is exhibiting bad judgement on an increasing number of issues.  The biggest long-term threat is, of course, setting off an inflationary spiral which could careen out of control.  If this were to happen, it could easily lead to a new financial crisis, caused by rising interest rates which would lead to huge increases in the interest payments on our swollen and out-of-control national debt.  His other mistakes, as described above, are also serious but will do less long-term damage.

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6 thoughts on “The Biden Presidency is already Turning into a Disaster

  1. No doubt the Biden administration has its eyes on too many issues that do not deal with international relations. The emphasis on And its even more evident that with Biden being little more than a figure-head to the more radical progressives of his party that there are few capable of reading the tea-leaves of the past. As distant as Vietnam. As recent as Iraq. Doesn’t anyone in the State Department have any idea of the carnage wrought by ISIS when they swept up to the gates of Baghdad? And where was our military planners? Surely they could foresee that the Afghan army could not withstand the threats to their families by the Taliban and that the march to Kabul would be a repeat of ISIS in Iraq. The lessons of the British from 300 years ago and the Soviets from the 1980s should have been a primer for any American exit from Afghanistan.

    My real fear, however, is that we may see American military personnel still in Kabul, or American civilians held hostage by the Taliban unless Biden is willing to commit overwhelming air strikes inn and around the Kabul International Airport. The pictures of Afghans clinging to a departing Air Force plane focuses clearing on our inability to assure the safety of passengers. Right now, it would appear the Taliban are easily within range of downing planes leaving the airport. And they might be able to do it with captured American weapons.

    • There were numerous warnings from highly qualified sources that withdrawing too fast from Afghanistan would lead to disaster. And this is exactly what is happening. The rout of U.S. forces in Afghanistan is a huge international setback which will have negative repercussions for many years.
      This is one of the many reasons why Biden is turning into a disaster.

      • Sorry. I was distracted mid-point of a re-edit. I should have went on to note that the emphasis on such popular progressive education points as “Critical Race Theory” is taking precedent over international and military strategy. I would almost envision the squad demanding immediate recognition of the Taliban as the legal and lawful representatives of Afghanistan.

  2. Critical Race Theory is dangerously un-American as I said in a recent post. It’s coming from the progressive left but so far not from the Biden Administration itself, although, of course, he has referred to white supremacy. CRT is so obnoxious that I think it will be eventually discredited by the large majority of Americans who still have a lot of common sense.

  3. Somewhere along the line, I have been to believe that Afghanistan has an army of 300,000 members. If so, it seems that the RAPID Taliban take-over of Afghanistan must include an active level of uncoordinated acquiescence by the USA. Please explain to me why it’s possible that I am totally blind, especially given the historical fall-out yet to be actuated.

    • Your “activated level of uncoordinated acquiescence by the USA” is, in my opinion, just another way of describing Biden’s disastrous handling of the American withdrawal.

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