The Fundamental Question about Joe Biden: is he a Competent President?

In the latest Quinnipiac Poll 38% of Americans rate President Joe Biden as competent and 53% as incompetent.

Here is the evidence so far:

  • The Afghanistan withdrawal was a debacle. The President ignored his top military advisors who urged keeping a small residual force in place. The overall effect of our withdrawal is a boost to terrorism around the world.
  • The disaster at our southern border. The Biden Administration 1) failed to complete border wall construction begun under Trump, 2) immediately canceled the Trump Administration’s Remain in Mexico (while asylum requests are being considered) program, and 3) terminated the Asylum Cooperative Agreements with several Central American countries which requires asylum seekers to request relief from the first safe country able to assist them. The overall effect is that 200,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the border each month and being released into the U.S.  It will be impossible to solve our illegal immigration problem until the southern border is effectively CLOSED to illegal entry.
  • Where did all the workers go?  Although the unemployment rate dropped to 4.8% in September, there are still 11 million job openings in the U.S. even though wages are up 7.4% in the last year. The lack of workers has become a drag on the economy contributing to supply-side strains. The problem is caused by an easy monetary policy to boost demand coupled with squeezing the supply side with incentives not to work.


  • The current inflation spike.  Currently, consumer price inflation is rising at over 5% annually with big spikes in food prices, housing costs. and energy prices.  Meantime the Biden Administration is pushing for trillions of dollars in new spending for both infrastructure and social programs which will make inflation even worse if enacted.

Conclusion.  It is not that President Biden is doing everything wrong but that he is making too many big mistakes that are adding up and becoming quite noticeable.  This is the reason for his plunging support in national polls.

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