The Best Way to Help Working People


The lead story in today’s Omaha World Herald, “Demand for skilled labor rising”, along with an accompanying editorial, point out that “Ours is a place where opportunity exists, to the tune of 35,000 advertised job openings counted by the Nebraska Department of Labor.”
Terry Moore, President of the Omaha Federation of Labor, predicts that demand for construction workers will only increase in the near future.
Gary Kelly, Business Manager for Local 22 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said “It’s times of full employment that allow us to go out and organize the unorganized.”
Kirk Ahrends, Dean of Applied Technology at Metropolitan Community College, said that instructors who teach 16 different trade professions get many requests for job candidates.  “They’re knocking on the door.  Not only the students, but the industries.  They’re saying ‘Get us some graduates.’”
Nebraska is fortunate to have such a good job market, much better than the U.S. as a whole which is suffering from an unemployment rate of 7.4% and an anemic growth rate of just 2% a year.
By far the best thing the government can do to help workers is to adopt policies which will speed up economic growth.  This can be accomplished by giving entrepreneurs and investors greater incentives to take more risks.  Lowering tax rates (offset by closing loopholes) and easing burdensome regulations are the tried and true methods of getting this done.
There are twenty million unemployed and underemployed Americans who would benefit from national leaders more attuned to their need for work.