Understanding the Trump Agenda


From a reader of my blog:

“I continue to enjoy your blog. A word of warning.  Trump is not a normal person and he is extremely self-centered (narcissistic).  He has never thought of anyone other than himself (& his family).  I believe that will not change.  He lies all the time so can only be judged by his actions, not his words.  He admires Putin.  I think he would like to be an autocrat who rules without any dissent.  I do not think he cares about the constitution.  Not for a minute.”

I understand that many people feel this way about Donald Trump and I can’t argue with such an analysis. But he is also a change agent and, now that he has been elected President, I am hopeful that he will make good choices for our country.  For example:

  • The Economy. His appointments of Mnunchin for Treasury, Price for HHS, Pruit for EPA, for example, are excellent. People like these will work closely with the Republican Congress on the tax reform, regulatory reform, financial reform, etc. measures which are needed to get our economy growing faster. Boosting growth to 3% per annum as opposed to our current anemic 2% rate, which is entirely possible, will do wonders to create more jobs and better paying jobs, and therefore restore a stronger spirit of optimism to our national mood.
  • Education. DeVos for Education is also an excellent choice. Our K-12 public education system is not working for low-income, minority kids in big cities. We also need far more emphasis on career and vocational education for those unlikely to go to college.   In other words, we need big changes in education policy and DeVos is a reformer.
  • National Security. Both terrorism and Russia’s Vladimir Putin represent huge threats to the western world. General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis is highly qualified to lead our defense in such a dangerous environment. The big question remaining at this point is whether Trump will be able to stand up to and outfox Russia’s Putin.

Conclusion. Mr. Trump is making some very good appointments for the people who will lead major governmental agencies. In this respect his presidency is off to a good start.

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