Can We Trust Donald Trump to Do What’s Best for America?


From a reader of my blog:

You are an eternal optimist. Have you factored in these possibilities:

1. Paul Ryan and others will support the Wall and what it costs.
Immigration control will limit much needed manpower.
Trade wars with Mexico and other countries might severely reduce the output of
the USA.
Tax reform will favor the ultra-wealthy, thus not do much to stimulate the
economy, causing a dramatic increase in the debt.
Defense spending will be massive, thus up with the debt.
Charter schools will lack sufficient oversight, thus poor results will follow.

You seem to convey that Trump will execute a strategy much as you think it should be done. I doubt it.

The above outcomes are unlikely for the following reasons:

  • Trump obviously likes being President, will continue to do so, and will hope to be re-elected in 2020. His re-election prospects will depend almost entirely on his boosting economic growth in order to increase the wages of his key blue-collar supporters.capture97
  • The quickest way to speed up growth is through corporate and business tax reform and deregulation. Trump’s entire team of advisors and cabinet secretaries, as well as congressional majorities, agree on this strategy. These things are likely to get done, sooner rather than later.
  • A trade war with Mexico or any other major trading partner (China, Canada, etc.) will badly hurt the economy. Trump knows this as well as anyone and won’t let it happen. A 20% tariff on Mexican imports to pay for a wall will just transfer the cost to American consumers and will be very unpopular. Trump’s people can figure this out.
  • Having 11½ million illegal immigrants in the U.S. is a significant problem and Trump has a mandate to fix it. His plan is to 1) build a wall, 2) deport the 800,000 or so lawbreakers amongst these illegals, and then 3) figure out what to do with the rest. This sounds to me like a reasonable plan and has a good chance of being successfully implemented.Conclusion. I admit to being an optimist. It keeps me going! I’ll respond to the other specifics (debt, charter schools, etc.) in the near future.

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5 thoughts on “Can We Trust Donald Trump to Do What’s Best for America?

  1. Jack,
    I appreciate that you shared the skeptical thoughts of one of your readers.Trump’s actions so far display no sense of compassion, no appreciation of the complexity of American society and no clear line of cooperation to the nation at large. So far, he appears more like a ‘bully’ to the world.

    I have neither trust nor confidence in his leadership.


    • I certainly am not endorsing everything he has done so far. His new and inexperienced administration badly screwed up the travel restriction orders issued over the weekend. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake.

  2. We should remember that telegraphing in advance to the ‘international violence community’ what we’re going to do, could give them a chance to intervene in odd ways. For the short run, this change in emigration will have legitimate, devastating effects on the immigrants involved. This applies to the immigrants waiting to come as well as the temporary immigrants (students) who are worried about their mobility in the future. For many years, our nation has ignored the need to manage emigration wisely. The price to bare has arrived. The values associated with the Good Samaritan should still prevail.

    • I agree that we should do a better job of vetting all international travelers into the U.S. I chalk up the chaotic way this new procedure was introduced to the inexperience of the new Administration. I trust they’ll plan much more carefully for future initiatives.

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