Are White People Inherently Racist?

As most of my readers know, I live in Omaha NE.  There are 11 school districts in the Omaha metro area, and one of them, Millard Public Schools, the third-largest school district in Nebraska, has decided to require all 70 administrative personnel to read the book White Fragility by Ms. Robin Diangelo.


In view of the current national climate of widespread racial protests, let’s take a look at what Diangelo is saying in her book.  The description below is mostly verbatim quotes  (largely from Chapter 2):

  • Racism is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society.
  • Racial disparity between whites and people of color continues to exist in every institution across society.
  • White privilege is the system of social advantages taken for granted by whites and that cannot be similarly enjoyed by people of color.
  • White fragility is the discomfort and anxiety exhibited by white people when challenged about their presumed superiority and entitlement.
  • White supremacy is the all-encompassing centrality and assumed superiority of people defined and perceived as white, and the practices based on this assumption.
  • The United States is a global power and the ideology of white supremacy is circulated globally, promoting the idea of whiteness as the ideal for humanity well beyond the West. White supremacy has shaped Western political thought for hundreds of years.
  • Naming white supremacy changes the conversation in two key ways: it makes the system visible and shifts the locus of change onto white people, where it belongs.

My summary of the book: White people benefit from a culture that perceives whiteness as the ideal.  Whites are defensive about discussing their racism (i.e. their overwhelming cultural advantages).  This system can only change if and when white people admit their responsibility and take the lead in dismantling our racist culture.

My response:  I agree that there is latent racism remaining in the U.S.  But the Diangelo description of our society is fundamentally misguided and damaging to all minorities, and especially to blacks, because it treats them as victims and implies that they are not responsible for their own behavior and status in life.

My solution to racism: coming next week.  Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Are White People Inherently Racist?

  1. I would never want to go to an ER that adopts the philosophy your fallacious logic promotes.

    May John Lewis, a victim of racism, Rest In Peace.

    • What I am saying, and will reiterate and emphasize in my next post, is that fundamental change in U.S. racial relations depends on significantly more socio-economic progress by blacks. This will be difficult to accomplish to the extent that blacks continue to view themselves as victims of white supremacy. Blacks must take more personal responsibility for their own behavior and social progress. Society can continue to help with such measures as affirmative action, but ultimately major progress depends on blacks lifting themselves up on their own.

    • My ‘take’ on this article is in line with the author’s viewpoint that there are some underlying racism throughout American society and Diangelo’s assertion that all minorities, especially to blacks, are perpetual victims who are not responsible for their own behavior and status in life.

      Diangelo is a very dishonest and exposed bigot in her assertions. I wonder if she realizes her demeaning assertions are true racism? American Blacks are the most free in the world. I am NOT a victim. I am NOT disenfranchised. I am NOT discriminated on a daily basis. I am NOT continuously accosted by law enforcement. I AM free. I AM college-educated. I AM a Christian by free-will. I AM a believer in the traditional family structure. I AM a believer in hard work. I AM a believer in personal accountability and responsibility. I AM a supporter of the rights of ALL peoples.

      Diangelo, a WHITE WOMAN, DOES NOT speak for me, a BLACK WOMAN, and NEVER WILL. She’s making $$$ off her own bigotry towards me and other Blacks.

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