What Blacks Need Are Better Economic Opportunities

Let’s agree that racism still exists in the U.S.  The disagreement is over how bad it is and what to do about it.  Naming white cultural supremacy as the villain is overkill and counter-productive, in my opinion.

Several prominent black scholars agree with me about this.  See, for example, Ward Connerly, John McWhorter, Ian Rowe, and Thomas Sowell.

What blacks need, most of all, are better economic opportunities so that more of them can move into the middle class or above.  Of course, this is already happening to a significant extent but more progress is readily doable.  Here is how:

  • Faster economic growth to push down the unemployment rate to 4% or less and keep it at this low level. This had already been accomplished before the pandemic hit and, hopefully, this high standard will soon be restored.
  • Better K-12 educational outcomes for all kids from low-income families. This can be done in at least two ways:
  • Early childhood education so that kids from low-income families are ready to succeed academically when they get to kindergarten and first grade.


  • Charter Schools in the large inner cities, see here and here. In many cases inner-city charter school students are outperforming their peers in the wealthiest and whitest suburban school districts in the country. Any honest assessment of the data shows that school choice is a boon for groups that have long been poorly served by the system.

Conclusion.  The most effective way to confront the latent racism that still exists in American society is by working to improve blacks economically rather than by claiming that white cultural supremacy excuses poor performance by blacks.  In short, we need to lift blacks up rather than tear whites down.

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